About Lanc & Tully Engineering and Surveying

Lanc & Tully Engineering and Surveying, P.C. is an Orange County, NY based Civil Engineering, Site Planning and Surveying firm that provides full-service site development, consulting, design and land planning services for private, commercial and municipal clients throughout Orange County and the rest of the Hudson Valley of New York.  From our humble beginnings in 1985, we have grown into the well-respected business that we are today, which Orange County relies on for some of the largest and most complex construction projects this county has seen.  Lanc & Tully looks forward to helping you solve your next project. As of January 2020, Lanc & Tully is excited to announce the acquisition of T.M. Depuy Engineering and Surveying, P.C. Both firms have served the Tri-County area and beyond for over 30 years and will continue those services under the auspices of Lanc & Tully Engineering and Surveying, P.C.. Our services have expanded to include structural design, concrete design, steel design and design of retaining walls. Click below to learn more about us and the services we offer.

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Who is Lanc & Tully?

Lanc & Tully Engineering and Surveying, P.C., is a consulting firm specializing in Civil Engineering and Surveying, including municipal engineering, land planning and development. The firm originated in April 1985. In January 2004, the firm expanded its leadership to accommodate its steady and progressive expansion. Lanc & Tully, P.C., currently employs approximately thirty people, including seven licensed Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, a licensed Professional Planner, Staff Engineers, Engineering and Surveying Technicians, CAD Designers, Construction Technicians, Drafters, and Survey Field Crews. Utilizing a unique level of experience and skills, Lanc & Tully, P.C., has played key roles in assisting businesses and communities to formulate a cohesive vision and then, making those visions a reality.